BarThursdays & Fridays 4pm to Close
Saturdays & Sundays Noon to Close
Kitchen Closes at 8pm

Call 715-258-2442 for Takeout Orders
No Take outs on Friday Nights


All Fish Fries include: Cole Slaw, Rye Bread and Choice of a Side
Sides include: French Fries Baked Potato, Potato Salad or Potato Pancakes

Fish Baskets and Dinners
(1/2 order $3.00 less)
(Add soup for $2.00)

  Perch                  Haddock             Walleye
Lightly breaded           Choice of fried or broiled        Lightly 
Butterflies                   with Toasted Almonds             breaded Fillet
  $17.95                                  $16.95                            $18.95

 Shrimp                  Scallops           Mini Crab 
Deep Fried or                       Broiled w/Parmesan        Cakes
Stuffed w/Crab Meat          and Garlic, or Deep-     6 Deep Fried
and Cheese                           Fried w/Butter               Crab Cakes
   $16.95                                  $16.95                       $15.95

Fish Combo Platter Specials
(Choice of 3)
Perch, Fried Haddock Walleye, Fried Scallops, or Shrimp

Kid's Fish
Comes with choice of French Fries, 
Curly Fries, or Battered Fries

    Perch                                            Haddock
      $8.25                                                                  $8.25

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